GARDEN HOUSE CIAL Yokohama Store Miura Fair


Featuring Miura's passionate foods including FISHSTAND's tuna confit,
and a limited collaboration sandwich with GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS

From October 1st (Thursday) to 31st (Saturday), CIAL Yokohama's GARDEN HOUSE STORE, directly connected to Yokohama Station, will host the "Miura Fair," gathering foods from Kanagawa's Miura Peninsula.

Centered around Miura's producers, including FISHSTAND from Misaki Eisei-san specializing in tuna at Jogashima Island, their household-oriented online shop offers tuna confit and other select products. Also featured are specialty tomato juices and jams, pickles, and bottled sauces from Kamakura-born GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS, perfectly complementing their bakery.

During this period, limited-edition sandwiches featuring FISHSTAND's tuna confit and GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS will be available for purchase. This event aims to showcase Kanagawa's producers' culinary delights from Yokohama Station.

Featured Brands


FISHSTAND, responsible for selecting producers for this Miura Fair, is an original processed product brand for households, managed by a 50-year-old tuna wholesaler from the Miura Peninsula. Their handmade confit, using fish of sashimi quality, is seasoned simply with minimal ingredients to enhance the inherent qualities of the ingredients. They are committed to local production and consumption, using tuna processing residues as fertilizer for local farms, where garlic grown there is used in the confit.

At GARDEN HOUSE STORE, they offer tuna, bonito, mackerel confit, and tuna simmered in soy sauce. Packaged beautifully, they are suitable not only for serving directly but also as gifts, pairing excellently with GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS' ciabatta.

Tuna Confit (200g) from ¥800
Tuna Simmered in Soy Sauce ¥700, and more.


Marune Farm

A Miura farm dedicated to oxidation-reduction farming and traditional Chinese medicine cultivation. Their 100% tomato juice, squeezed from about 50 mini tomatoes called Sangrape, is featured this time. Using mini tomatoes with enhanced antioxidant properties, this juice is recommended for those conscious of beauty and health. It has the sweetness of mini tomatoes without the typical tomato bitterness, offering a refreshing aftertaste. It's a bottle that even children who dislike vegetable juice can enjoy with their families. It's rarely sold outside of the Miura Peninsula, so please try it at this opportunity.

Mini Tomato Juice ¥1,800

Takanashi Farm

A Miura farm producing about 30 types of vegetables, focusing on summer watermelons, winter radishes, and spring cabbages. They started making jams and pickles using out-of-spec vegetables to maximize their natural goodness. They are gaining attention for their interesting approach, using vegetables like corn and eggplant that are not usually used in jams. The warm package design by dyer and textile artist Koichi Odanaka is also appealing.

Seasonal Jams (120g) from ¥480
Miura Vegetable Pickles ¥650
Harissa ¥780, and more.


Started as a school for enjoying field work and canning in Zushi, FARM CANNING only produces additives-free canned goods. They use unsold vegetables, primarily from sustainable farming practices like pesticide-free, organic, and natural farming. They utilize vegetables grown in living soil, avoiding chemical seasonings and preservatives.

This time, they have prepared products mainly using Miura Peninsula vegetables. Perfect for making sandwiches or small snacks with FISHSTAND's tuna confit and GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS' ciabatta.

Veggie Vigna Sauce from ¥900
Green Green (Genovese Sauce) ¥900
Herb Vegetable Oil - Chives ¥900, and more.


Collaboration Sandwiches Too!

Every day during the Miura Fair, limited quantities of collaboration sandwiches featuring FISHSTAND's tuna confit and GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS will be available for purchase.

Domestic Wheat Ciabatta Sandwiches
FISHSTAND's Tuna Confit with Homemade Carrot Slaw ¥480
The herb and olive oil-flavored tuna confit pairs well with the refreshing coriander in the homemade carrot slaw, offering a refreshing taste throughout.

Domestic Wheat Ciabatta Sandwiches
FISHSTAND's Tuna Confit with Niçoise Style ¥580
The simply and carefully prepared tuna confit balances well with vegetables like green beans, eggs, and a rich mustard mayonnaise sauce, garnished with dill, reminiscent of southern France.

Domestic Wheat Ciabatta Sandwiches
FISHSTAND's Tuna Confit with Homemade Tapenade ¥530
A hearty sandwich featuring carefully selected tuna confit from Misaki Port combined with plenty of black olives in homemade tapenade, offering a robust flavor experience.


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