[STAFF WANTED] We are looking for bakery members.

【 STAFF WANTED 】ベーカリーメンバーを募集しています。

<<Bakerly urgently needed>>

We are recruiting bread artisans at the bakery "GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS" in Daikanyama. Join us in making authentic bread with carefully selected ingredients!
For more details about the job opening, please see below.


Contact Person: Yoshidarecruit@tgp.co.jp





Located at the former Toyoko Line railway tracks in Daikanyama, a landmark area, LOG ROAD DAIKANYAMA.


GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS is a bakery cafe visible along the lush walking paths. Established in 2015 as a sister brand of GARDEN HOUSE, beloved by many customers in Kamakura.



Value of LOCAL & CRAFT


At the core of GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS is the desire to enrich the entire lifestyle centered around food. They use fresh seasonal ingredients and everything is handmade.


The inspiration comes from the lifestyle of Northern California. They flexibly incorporate the best aspects of various cuisines like French and Italian, constructing menus around bread baked daily at the shop, as bread holds a central place in Japanese food culture akin to rice.


Their commitment to "simple bread with minimal burden on the body if eaten daily" is reflected in their lineup of meticulously crafted meal breads such as campagne and baguettes, where ingredients are carefully selected.


Specialty Breads


【Homemade Leaven Culture】

They continue to cherish their homemade leaven culture nurtured daily with flour and water since opening. Depending on the product item, they also use yeast to balance acidity, aiming for a deep taste through daily refinement considering taste, appearance, aroma, daily temperature, and humidity.

They welcome those who wish to learn about yeast or deepen their experience.


【Campagne】More details here

Chefs who have trained at top bakeries in San Francisco have adapted local production methods to suit Japan's climate and environment.

They blend carefully selected wheat flours and ferment them at low temperatures for an extended period. They bake them every morning in German-made ovens, of which only a few are available in Japan.

The surface crust is firm and crispy, while the inside retains plenty of moisture, offering a very chewy texture.


【Whole Grain Marupan】More details here

Their most popular whole grain marupan uses finely ground whole grain flour with maple syrup in the dough, crafted to be rich and flavorful using the yudane method.

The "Tokachi An Butter (300 yen each)" sandwiching plenty of grain paste uses thinly sliced Tokachi salted butter and an elegantly sweetened anko, striking a perfect balance and becoming a hit product featured in bread specials and media.





If you have any questions regarding employment, please feel free to contact us via our contact form. We look forward to receiving your application!