Most popular in GARDEN HOUSE! An original pancake mix. Because it uses buttermilk, which is a standard in the United States, the dough has a soft and fluffy texture. Since it uses the same pancake mix provided by the shop, it is a simple pancake mix that does not contain any unnecessary items and can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

Not to mention maple syrup, honey and fresh cream It is also recommended to squeeze the lemon.

Combined with seasonal fruits and bacon and eggs, you can enjoy it as a sweet or as a meal.

You can make 12 pancakes with 400g.

Eggs, butter and milk are required separately. I will attach Japanese and English recipes.
The recipe video is also available on YouTube, so please take a look.

We also recommend a set with an original eco bag or tote bag.
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Also, for a limited time, eco-bags will be given to those who purchase the new gluten-free pancake mix and bulk purchases!

raw materials:

Wheat flour, corn starch, buttermilk powder, sugar, salt, baking powder