GARDEN HOUSE STORE CIAL Yokohama "Christmas Favorites Fair" will be held.

GARDEN HOUSE STORE CIAL横浜店 "冬のご褒美 Christmas Favorites Fair" を開催

From Stollen by KI NO BAKERY to perfect gifts for Christmas,
we have lined up gifts you'll want to give to yourself and loved ones

From December 1st (Tuesday) to December 25th (Friday), CIAL Yokohama's GARDEN HOUSE STORE, directly connected to Yokohama Station, will hold a Christmas Favorites Fair, selecting products to enrich the wait for Christmas. During this period, they will sell Stollen and gifts that elevate the Christmas mood, made by artisan bakeries from across the country. Offering products perfect for enjoying home time during this festive season. We have specially prepared items from various brands in limited quantities.

About Participating Brands:


KANEL BREAD (Kuroiso City, Tochigi Prefecture)
KANEL BREAD, known for its bread-making that meticulously selects each ingredient and has many fans nationwide, will be selling Stollen flavored with 7 types of fruits, nuts, and spices. The base dough includes cinnamon, cardamom, and marzipan for richness, with juicy Sun-Maid raisins, small yet deep-flavored mountain grapes, refreshing Iyokan peel for overall freshness, cranberries for a bright acidity accent, sweet and delicious raw Grenoble walnuts, and roasted organic sunflower seeds and pistachios for crunchiness. The ingredients are finished without soaking too much in alcohol, preserving the fresh flavors of each ingredient. All flours used are domestically produced wheat and rye, with rye from Ueno Nagahisa in Tochigi Prefecture, cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Christmas Stollen 2020 ¥2,600 (excluding tax)


haluta (Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture)
haluta's bakery in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, draws inspiration from Danish culinary culture to carefully craft each bread from selected ingredients. They bake breads that are easy to eat without straining, aiming to contribute to everyday well-being. This time, they are preparing a limited quantity of fully ripe Red Delicious Stollen. Low-temperature lightly roasted Red Delicious apples from "Mukunomori Fruit Farm" in Ueda, Shinshu, provide balanced sweetness and acidity, adding a refreshing juiciness to the Stollen. They use locally sourced "Shirane wheat" from "Natsumi Farm" in Ueda, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, along with wheat from Hokkaido.

Fully Ripe Red Delicious Stollen 2020 ¥2,700 (excluding tax)

AMBESSA&CO (Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture)
Based in Minamiboso City, they select nuts and fruits grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers from around the world themselves. Collaborating with mitosaya (Ootaki-cho, Chiba Prefecture), known for its clear and strong spirits distilled multiple times through fermentation of pears, grapes, apples, and other fruits, they offer two types of Stollen. They use mitosaya's Odvy (fruit brandy).

AMBESSA MITOSAYA Stollen ¥3,200 (excluding tax)
AMBESSA & MITOSAYA Nuss Stollen ¥3,500 (excluding tax)

Forager (Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
A small flower shop in Hatagaya, Tokyo, which carries wild and vibrant plants that are often sidelined. They are also in charge of the flower arrangements for this fair.

GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS' Stollen and Gifts are also available!

GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS will sell two types of Stollen made from domestically produced wheat and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their flavor, which matures daily in the dough as you slice thinly and enjoy a little at a time.

Domestic Wheat and Organic Raisin Stollen (Plain) ¥1,500 (excluding tax)
Domestic Wheat and Organic Chocolate Stollen ¥1,800 (excluding tax)


Additionally, for a limited time, we will also sell a great Petit Gift containing popular Buttermilk Pancake Mix from GARDEN HOUSE. It's a luxurious gift valued at approximately ¥1,600 (excluding tax). Perfect for Christmas gifts or even small tokens of appreciation.

GARDEN HOUSE Xmas Petit Gift ¥1,300 (excluding tax)

That's all for now.


Address: 〒220-0005 Yokohama-shi, Nishi-ku, Minamisaiwai 1-1 CIAL Yokohama B1F
Phone: 045-534-5353
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM