GARDEN HOUSE STORE CIAL Yokohama, WAGASHI FAIR extended due to popular demand!

GARDEN HOUSE STORE CIAL横浜店、ご好評につき和菓子フェア延長決定

Introducing Early Summer Wagashi from Famous Sweets of Izu!
<April 15 to May 8> Extended Fair


Located at CIAL Yokohama directly connected to Yokohama Station, GARDEN HOUSE STORE will host a "Wagashi Fair" featuring products from Ishizuan, a specialty wagashi shop in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, from April 15 (Thu) to May 9 (Sun).
Previously featured in the Spring Wagashi Fair, Ishizuan received great acclaim, prompting an extension with a lineup change to introduce a new fair celebrating early summer. New products include the "Koji Daifuku," made without regular white sugar, and the refreshing "New Summer Jelly," offering a balance of tartness and sweetness typical of early summer.


About the Featured Brand:

Specializing in wagashi from Izu, this shop infuses confections with a love for Izu and traditional Japanese aesthetics. Rooted in Izu's land since its founding, it cherishes the region's abundant natural blessings admired globally, alongside its unique culture. Each bite evokes the rich landscapes of Izu.




Featured Products:

Available from Ishizuan:


Koji Daifuku

¥291 each

A new, gentle wagashi pursuing healthiness. Uncommonly made without regular white sugar, it features a light koji bean paste and chewy mochi. Black sesame and a hint of salt enhance the overall flavor, allowing the natural essence of the ingredients to flourish.


New Summer Jelly

¥345 each  

Developed from New Summer Oranges, a representative citrus fruit of Izu, bathed in plentiful sunshine. Enjoy the refreshing acidity and sweetness typical of New Summer in a juicy, jiggly jelly with higher moisture content than regular jelly. Juicy pulp with a delightful texture of fruit skin, perfect for the summer season.


Ishizuan Manju

Box of 5 (3 brown sugar, 2 yomogi) ¥675 
※Available from April 20

Proudly continuing since its founding, these are moist and smooth manju. The moist anko made with high-quality spring water from Izu is wrapped in two types of dough: one using black sugar from Okinawa's Hateruma Island and the other using fragrant Japanese mugwort. Carefully selected ingredients and traditional methods make this simple confection outstanding.


Matcha Shigure


Box of 6 ¥734

Matcha anko (sweet white bean paste) with chopped chestnuts, wrapped in matcha dough and steamed. Enjoy the deep flavor and aroma of matcha.


Chestnut Steamed Yokan


8 pieces ¥1,836 

Luxurious chestnut steamed yokan featuring carefully selected candied chestnuts. Delicately sweet with a smooth texture, it captures the essence of chestnuts, a perfect wagashi to savor endlessly.


Strawberry Condensed Milk Daifuku

¥324 each, 3 for ¥972
※Available until April 19


Large red strawberries wrapped in a perfect match of condensed milk anko and chewy warabi mochi. The anko is made with the balanced acidity and aroma of Shizuoka's Red Hokkaido strawberries, developed to highlight their fullest potential. Each bite bursts with juicy strawberry flavor and the gentle sweetness of condensed milk, making it a luxurious treat available only during this season.
Prices include tax.



Address: CIAL Yokohama B1F, 1-1-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0005
Phone: 045-534-5353
Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Currently 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM due to the state of emergency)

Established in 2012, a restaurant and bakery brand. The first store, GARDEN HOUSE Kamakura, opened by renovating the atelier of a famous manga artist in Kamakura. It now has restaurants in Shinjuku NEWoMan as well. The sister bakery brand, GARDEN HOUSE CRAFTS, operates in Daikanyama, and GARDEN HOUSE STORE runs a pop-up store in Yokohama.